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Team Culturing Information

last updated: 16. September, 2011

WHO are you?

  • Name - Nicholas Rowland Ellis
  • Location (city, country) - Costa Rica
  • Contact Information (email, phone, Skype) - nickellis1989 (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Introductory Video -
  • Resume/CV -

WHY are you motivated to support/develop this work?

  • Do you endorse open source culture?

everything should be open source

  • Why are you interested in collaborating with us?

I want to help out how I can.

  • How do you think that the GVCS can address pressing world issues?

Decentralize a crashing global economy, to spread distribution to communities, creating a more sustainable lifestyle and giving the individual more opportunities to provide for oneself. It will influence people to become more educated, young people will be able to kick start their learning by taking part in the active community, enriching the lives of all.

  • What should happen so that you become more involved with the project?

Well, I live very far away and have a few attachments here so to speak. I'm becoming actively involved in a palm farming operation with my father here in Costa Rica, having a look at properties.What I would really like to happen is when a property is secured I can perhaps run an alternate farm for manufacturing and research. Farming here is the majority of business, so these Open source machine designs could come off big here, most farming practices are as rudimentary as can be.

  • What are you missing in the project?

Progress is not missing, every week I have a look and there's some new content. you guys are doing a good job. I do have something to contribute, and thats solidworks files for a Cinva Ram that I reverse engineered from pictures. It's been getting made for about a month now by some mechanist people.

  • What are your suggestions for improvement of the project?

I couldn't say, I think that the project is really moving along bigtime. Some updating of manufacturing instructions would really go a long way so we can get some replications going, especially LifeTrac.


  • List all of your skills in these areas: Communications - Organizational - Computer Support - Finances - Design - Natural Building - Electronics - Automation - Metallurgy - Engineering - Fabrication - Agriculture - Energy - Architecture - Video/Graphics/Art - PR/Marketing - Education - Construction - Industry - CNC - Chemistry - Product Design - Other

let me just say that I have no university degrees whatsoever, so I feel a little out of my league but I have done allot of independent studies and am very intuitive self learner. When I was young(er) I learned allot about computers, technician(hardware and software), flash animation designing, 3d designing, basicly if you have a problem with a computer i can probably figure it out. As of late I've been doing lots of my own mechanist work on my motorcycle and truck.. I've allways been interested in vermiculture, we had a worm farm a while back on our farm, and later on down the track i took a seminar at vermicrobe international in Australia (growing commercial worm farm), so I have specialist training in worm farming. The Seminar had some unique information about worm farming that you probably wouldn't find anywhere on the web.

  • How have you already contributed to the project?

I'm about to post my Cinva Ram reverse engineered design, I figured I should do this first.I know It doesn't really fit into the GVCS, especially since there already is a more industrial version, but I figured, that it fits. The liberator has a much larger investment, as well as being unsuitable without a tractor for loading and a soil pulverizer, The Cinva ram requires no power cube, and is much more suitable to be used without a tractor, or soil pulveriser, just a shovel will do, and maybe a sifter.I take no credit for this very old and ingenious design, I just figured the plans should be there for all to see.

HOW can you help?

  • How are you interested in contributing to the work of GVCS development?

Well, I mentioned earlier about hopefully running an alternate farm in a developing country, but that's a big proposition, one I would hope would one day come to fruition. To start, I just want to successfully complete a replication, and then get started on another, and see how it goes.

  • Can you volunteer to work with us, and if so, how many hours per week?

maybe one day I'll change my mind and go up there, but I think I would contribute more how I described before. Plus I don't have anything really unique to contribute, except for perhaps, some vermiculture practices. But I'm sure you have more important projects to worry about.

  • Are you interested in working with us for pay? If so, what services can you offer, and what is your hourly or per-project rate?

If I came up there it would be to volunteer.

I don't think I fit in this category

  • Are you interested in purchasing equipment from us to help bootstrap development?

perhaps in the future when I have a farm, give me a quote on the tractor and I'll figure out if I can get it shiped. But I think Id rather attempt a replication.

  • Are you interested in bidding for consulting/design/prototyping work?

If I came up with something.

I would love to be, but lack financial footing.

  • Would you like to see yourself working with us on a full-time basis?

In the form described earlier, yes.

  • Are you interested in using the technologies that we are developing directly?

I check this website daily for updates. It's thanks to you guys I'm getting my Cinva Ram built. Hopefully I can apply more technologies in the near future. thank you guys for everything you have done.

  • Are you interested in being part of the world's first, open source, resilient community? The GVCS is the preparatory step for the OSE Village Experiment - a 2 year, immersion experiment (2013-2014) for testing whether a real, thriving, modern-day prototype community of 200 people can be built on 200 acres using local resources and open access to information? We are looking for approximately 200 people to fill a diverse array of roles, according to the Social Contract that is being developed. This may be the boldest social experiment on earth - a pioneering community whose goal is to extend the index of possibilities regarding harmonious existence of humans, ecology, and technology - as a beacon of light to benefit of all people on Earth.

Maybe! It sounds pretty exciting, but like I said, I have attachments.