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Hey there! I recently talked with a friend named Ted John and he was raving about your place. I was incredibly intrigued and am interested in bringing up our own tiny community who is just getting started in the very things you are doing. We currently maintain a garden and do water reclamation but would love to see what all you all are thinking about and doing where you are at.

Let me know if you all would like to have us up there. for more info on us and what we do, just visit the cherith brook link below. There are currently 6 of us (plus 3 kids and 2 dogs) living in 2 houses next to each other, and we are devoted to becoming better stewards of what has been entrusted to us, and we wish to share all we have with the poor and destitute around our neighborhood.


PS. Are you located near Cameron, MO?

Nick Pickrell

816.305.1522 cell