Nickel-Iron Battery/Manufacturing Instructions

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The Edison Alkaline Storage Battery - a publication by Edison going through the manufacturing process - File:Edisonbatmanufacturing.pdf

Includes a walkthrough the manufacturing plant. This provides a number of details regarding manufacture, and may help in replication.


Tsu Post

We are proposing nickel-iron batteries for the Global Village Construction Set - as the only lifetime design battery that has seen commercial success. Here is a walk through Edison's battery factory if you want to see how the Nickel Iron battery is produced. See more about Edison's batteries - We are building on this work to democratize the nickel iron battery technology.

China - Making Plates

  • See video - [1]

Jar Experiment

  • Jar experiment that shows all the necessary principles, and light up a light bulb - from Nuts and Volts - [2]. I believe all the principles necessary are here for creating larger cells and following in Edison’s considerable footsteps in other designs.

Sichuan Changhong Battery Co., Ltd

Sichuan Changhong Battery Co., Ltd (SCBC) in Mianyang, China (one of the largest manufacturers of Ni-Fe batteries in the world) has a distributor in NY called Qualmega, Inc., which has published an excellent brochure with some manufacturing details File:Qualmega Nickel Iron Battery.pdf