Nickel-Iron Battery Communications

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  • Hi Marcin,

There are no "Blueprints" yet.

I am building a supply chain from the manufacturer to a broad customer network. Like a spider in the web, I can hear any fibre ringing. And here are the "blueprint" news: The pocket battery design was perfectionist by Edison already and all improvements are made the battery worse. There are specialists that purchase old Edison batteries and make them new again. The lifetime expectation of the Edison´s is up to 1000years - the newer get maybe 20-30years. There is a new production set-up in the Ukraine first systems are in operation- that cells I have not been investigated yet but only life 20-30years as well. Another new design has started production in China - no pocket design and I have ordered first samples for testing. The data-sheet is promising.

The NiFe battery shall be cheap and simple to build. Nickel Hydroxid is easy to produce and Iron is cheap as well. I have three design approaches to build and test: 1. Wire battery. Make or take thin wires (carbon or steel) and condense a nano-structure on it. Build the battery like a piano in a complex structure to maximise surface. 2. Use aluminium foil or steel sheets to start with. Then galvanise Nickel on the surface. Next perforate the surface and galvanise again. Turn Nickel into NiO or NiOH. Here we have the plates ready. Look at Robert Murray-Smith and his approaches. 3. Create a graphen structure (easy to create if you know how) and condense in a vacuum chamber the Ni and Fe on it. Squeeze it into a standard pocket design. The weight is way lower and the surface way bigger.

My approach is holistic; connect the experts and bring it to the mass market to compete against Tesla (benchmark only, not an enemy). So, it is more than just the battery diy. Using the NiFe effectively- you need electronics and software. I am about to build knowledge here as well and want to design a sophisticated inverter unit. I do bring bright people together. I seek for diversity of minds. The common mindset has to be trust, collaboration and submissive to the common goal. I am hard to the facts - soft to the people.

There are first commercial installation running in South America. You are welcome to visit. If you go back home to Poland - there is in Middle-Germany the same design system in installation. But the batteries are from normal Chinese production line. New developments are scheduled to be next.