Nicks January-February Work Goals

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  • Jan 26th: Complete boiler research: Feed Pump, Montotube coil winding jig, safety valve.

Finish brick laying in shop. Finish steam engine proposal. Misc: Debit card activation, skype account, Explorer showing. Time Organization program: Need linked in program.

  • Jan 27th: Complete Steam pump and Lathe BOM post and post steam engine proposal.
  	   Frame inside of Shop kitchen.
  • Jan 28th, Wednesday: Get quote of materials from Sweigers for steam engine and lathe. Get cement board. Insulate shop and get sheet rock.
  • Jan 29th: Order steam engine and lathe materials. Post final dwgs of mechanical engine, boiler, and layout.
  • Jan 30th: Research steam engine solenoid specs, post and locate.

Sheet rock shop space, drill in shower outlet fire boiler.

  • Jan 30th: Work on shop try to get liveable cookeable space.
  • Feb 1st: Rest
  • Feb 2nd: Begin steam engine work upon reciveing materials: 1 week Boiler and auxilaries, safety valve, feed pumps, draft control.
  • 2nd week February: Engine construction. Bore cylinder set piston rings, assemble stuffing box,
  • 3rd week of February: Lower Crank Assembly, fire up system possibly by the end of the week.