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OSE Case

OSE makes a claim that distributed, open source production and OSE Specifications produce a nonviolent economy. How can this be?

There is nothing much different on the outside in OSE's work - compared to production by other actors. In 2019, we rely on global supply chains - making us no less violent than anyone else. We participate in the global military economy via our material supply chains.

Our motives are to replace any environmentally and socially damaging supply chains with local ones that are benign. That is built into OSE Specifications. This is our 10-year goal, and we pursue it via Technological Recursion.

While nonviolence is a simple concept that people agree to on the surface, the reality is different. From a material security perspective - the central problem of the modern economy is that survival (jobs) supercede ecocide and genocide in the big picture. In other words, the company president cannot fire his employees - but instead will do things because he has no option because he has mouths to feed. This means an obvious choice to engage in destructive behavior (ecocide, genocide, or war). This is how the personal side of global resource geopolitics plays out - and why people need to understand the connection of resource use to resource conflict. One cannot bury their head in the sand on this issue, as this issue will not go away.

The simple reality is - people have immediate needs, and saving the Chinese river dolphin or not cutting down a forest or not polluting simply take a second seat to needs of families. This sucks in a big way - but it's still the reality.

This basic dynamic underlies the concept of the relevance of material security - and that it shall be attained at any cost. This is the central theme of the One Dimensional Man. It is closely related to Political Ponerology - where demagogues control entire nations - based on individuals' inability to meet their material - and psychological - needs.

Thus, the OSE platform bakes into it the permanent solution of addressing artificial material scarcity - as the single most important achievement yet to be reached in civilization's quest for peace. At that point, we will have an honest chance to evolve to freedom as a civilization. To get there, most of society's institutions need updading to the digital age, where for the first time, material security is a technically achievable possibility for all.