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Potential of Civil War

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Comments in Article

  • There is a big difference from the bottom up Turner Diaries Civil War and the current top down Civil War. In the '70's the Libertarians entered American politics. Their views were mostly economic, a Trojan Horse of sorts. Their guru Rothbard described himself as an Anarcho-capitalist, an institution destroying capitalist. His preaching did not fall on deaf ears. Noted economists and wealthy capitalists (the donor class) used the Republican Party to launch the revolution. Those we recognize as leaders are actually soldiers. Policy is driven by economic returns. Inequality intentional. The Democrats have made fringe social issues their battle cry. What could go wrong?

MJ Comments

The positive psychology perspective states that the options in front of us are a choice. The conclusion of civil war actually happening is not the only path, nor is it clearly likely. There is a current tendency towards potential civil war, but this is in no way a foregone conclusion. Human innovation and creativity has a powerful balancing force, and Americans are particularly and historically adept at such innovation. This is not to deny any issues - the issues are grave - but solutions and creativity are as powerful and the choice is completely ours.


Issue in the USA: insurgency is a real threat under 2 conditions: (1) anocracy; (2) individuals organizing around identity politics. This is because identity politics are fuzzy and can be easily manipulated.


OSE solution - poach potential employees of violence entreprenuers and insurgencies by providing much more meaningful work, as typical of OSE open source economic development. This needs to happen at scale. Vets, 17M strong [1] - are part of the potential pool of people who are looking for more meaningful work. Ie, OSE must continue on its path of non-violence entrepreneurship.