Note to Vinay April 2022

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MJ - Do you know of an app that helps one with their mental models, ie, helps you get rid of your mental bullshit?

VG - Like Headspace?

MJ - Not meditation stuff, I mean more cognitive - FS. But I am also thinking beyond mental models - just stuff that people don't understand across all disciplines - history, science, psychology, etc. Where people simply have wrong ideas about how things work. For example - world is flat before we found it is round - but applied to all areas of knowledge. I noticed that there is no good place to 'learn everything about everything.' How would one go about 'learning everything about everything'? I think it's possible - do you have any thoughts on how this can be accomplished? I ask because I am starting up to 8 year immersion learning, where the whole goal is to produce an integrated human with correct mental models. Basically, cloning me, you, and Musk all in one in a replicable fashion. I think 8 years should suffice, pending a quality program. I mean I'm creating an OSE school - up to 8 years of immersion learning. So we solve all pressing world issues.