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1. Position descriptions and the summary rationale document for creating the positions:

o HR Proposal and 2016 team enhancement document

§ Director of Talent Acquisition

§ Director of Volunteer Management

§ Manager of Volunteer Engagement

2. Interview tools:

o 30 Questions (what you can and ca not ask)

o Sample Job Interview Questions

3. Tool for establishing Departmental Mission

o Mission statement summary

o Sample Mission Statement for HR

o Goals and Objectives should be SMARTER

4. Volunteer engagement and skills assessment

o We need to talk

o Skills and Training Sheet

o RG Environmental Survey

o UPDATED RG Service Standards

5. Job description template, on-boarding, and organizational overview documents:

o Job description template

o New Hire Procedures

o Thank you for applying...(next steps document)

6. Organizational planning documents:

o 2015 yea-rend report and 2016 planning

o All Hands Meeting 5/27/15 (HR overview slide)

o 2 page RG Brochure

o RG Handbook Draft (use only what makes sense and is appropriate for your organization)

Hopefully these documents will be helpful in laying the groundwork for your team(s). Sincerely,