Notes on Heavyweight Product Management

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Design guide - say stepper driver. This Amy me can do at any time - is skilled in electronics




Micro tasks

Requirement - background work/prior art - tech tree of choices - how it works - design guide - tool guide for how to use open source tools to design it - excellent summary videos. Critical module breakdown plus interface design. Calculations. Once this is in place, there could be numerous solution routes - and each could be independent. Must have HR function action: SMEs and workers. Workers commit to 4 hrs per week. SMEs commit to 1 hour per quarter, and they are tops.

The goal is to provide all the skills that a generalist can use. This way, we focus team work around collaborative literacy, not around specialists who may not know how to work together. We provide process resilience, in that someone can always cover when someone else quits. Key is having access to open source tools, such as with Paul. So don't do the design - do the design guide.