Notes on Speaking Engagements

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Hi everyone.

Let me chip in on the speaking bit from my experience. Some random firings from the hip.

Keynote speech pricing is an odd duck. For some reason, I can charge almost twice as much for a 75 minute speech than I can for a one day workshop.

Speaking bureaus typically are not that helpful. You get added to a roster - but it's unlikely they're going to go out an promote you, unless you're really an A-lister/famous. Good if you're Brene Brown or Dan Pink, not so good for us mere mortals.

I think of keynote pricing in bands: 3k - 5k, 5k - 10k, 10k - 20k, 20k and up. I think if people are buying you, these bands represent the "ooh, can we afford that?" barrier. So you might as well charge $4500 as charge $3000

I have a list that I use to assess opportunities and I need to tick 3 out of 4 to say yes - Is it a cool organization - Is it strategic (will it open up other opportunities) - Will they pay my full fee - Will it stretch me/push me. Is it a challenge.

I like Jill Konraths' book Selling to Big Companies. If you want to speak, target some good companies that fit what you've got to offer and follow some of her advice. You're likely to make something happen - having a good website is all well and good, but I don't believe a website sells. I just think it reassures people who have bought.

Testimonials. Most people write crappy testimonials. I interview people with some questions (what was most surprising what was most useful? what was the key take away?), record it, then script a testimonial draft based on what they said for their sign off. It's always juicier and more useful