Nov-Dec Video Production Plan

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  • Review of prior 10 weeks after Focus Forward month: 7 total of 15 videos stated in contract.
  • 3rd week of November (this week): Trencher video edit - published Thursday (today?). Focus Forward published instead. Major hit..
  • 4th week: Shuttleworth Application video edit - this needs to be top notch - a quarter million is at stake here. CEB Press Production Run 2 - Nov, 23-24. Trencher video published. Taking of CEB Production Run Footage.
  • 5th week: Power Cube Production Run video edit. Nov 30-Dec 1 - Backhoe production run shooting. Not. Shuttleworth Video deadline by Wednesday.
  • November Instructional 1: Power Cube assembly video. (4 hours with Parker). Can we get Parker to do the actual wrenching? I am pressed for the CEB Press production run prep + Backhoe Production Run prep, and after that I need to go down periscope on prep for CEB Dec 18 - if we are to deliver the 1DAY production run. This is big.
  • November Instructional 2: CNC Torch Table Controller + Mechanical Structure fabrication. Some video available on YouTube.
  • 1st week of December: Backhoe production run video edit.
  • 2nd week of December: 2nd video edit based on Focus Forward footage
  • 3rd week of December: CEB Press Production Run video edit. Not instructional, but story-telling on the event. CEB production run shooting Dec 18.
  • 4th week of December: Vacation
  • December Instructional 1: CEB Press disassembly edit (2 hours with 4 people). Instructional on assembly + footage of actual build from the 2 CEB production runs.
  • December Instructional 2: Step-by-step instructional of CEB Press Controller Fabrication
  • 1st week of January (Dec 31-Jan 4):
  • 2nd week of January (Jan 7-Jan 11):
  • 3rd week of January (Jan 14-18):
  • January Instructional 1: CEB Construction of Microhouse. Technique and procedure. Ted is currently working on the work plan, but if this does not happen, I would like you to do another video on the quick connect wheel units.

Videos should be about 5 min each generally, except for CEB press. The instructionals absolutely require a script.