November 2008 Funding

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Discussion of Plans from October

Here is the program we proposed at the beginning of October:

Augmented program with your support:

Augmented program.jpg

Program with little or no support:

Retarded program.jpg

We got good funding and delivered good results (see [1]) Since we essentially had one additional person here, we built only one Hexayurt, and used existing kitchen facilities. We did install an on-demand water heater for our shower.

Thus, November begins with CEB workshop construction - and the sawmill prototype. These are essential parts of the Global Village Construction set - [2]

November Budget

We are now in November - and the augmented program (above) is still valid. We are continuing with our facility construction, and require about $2000 in materials for completion. We are also proposing $1400 for materials for a LifeTrac powered, 25 hp chainsaw mill prototype. This is relevant to the replication of the CEB CSM business model - where self-generated lumber allows low-cost construction of facilities. This falls under the scenario of decentralization technology-based Global Villages.

Review of the sawmill by Ben Hansen, sustainable forester from Viroqua, WI, informs us that production rates of 2400 linear feet of lumber are realistic with such a sawmill.

Thus, the total goal for November is $3400.

November Funding Allocation Plans

We are carrying over $500 from the October cycle (see report - [3]) We still need roofing materials, drainage tube, doors, windows, cement, 4x8 lumber for framing and roof beams, steel for stove/sauna combination. These materials total about $2000.

We are allocating $1400 for the drive sprocket ($300), drive sprocket mounting ($200), 4' chainsaw bar ($200), and steel track ($700) for the sawmill prototype. The track will be made of 2x4x1/4" steel or comparable structure. Hydraulics are not included on the sawmill in this cycle.

Note that success in building the sawmill depends on finding a volunteer to do the development work. We have a person coming here in November, so the sawmill is likely to be a success. The payoff in terms of a high quality, low cost, high production sawmill are great. We expect to produce kits for the above for about $600, without counting track costs.