November 2018 OSEmail

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are involving schools and universities with design work towards the open source economy.

We are pleased to announce that we have just started our first official Open Source Ecology Club at the London International Academy in London, Ontario, Canada. This is based on a long-standing collaboration with William Neal - one of our early collaborators who build our open source compressed earth block press back in 2012. Read more about the first OSE Club in our latest blog post -

One of the main requirements for starting an OSE Club is a strong stakeholder to serve as a mentor. We train the mentors in an intensive 3 day training session on prototyping, design, and collaboration. We meet with mentors weekly to guide them along the OSE critical path, and in turn the mentors guide their local teams. Then we host a big collaborative Extreme Manufacturing event every 3 months where we all meet - a friendly Coopetition where we build the things that we design together over a 3 month period.

Do you know any educators who would like to start a club - or do you want to start one? We are offering the first ever 3 day immersion training program which can be taken for professional development or continuing education. We start with the 3D printer - which is a universal prototyping tool - as the first day of the training. So if you would like to build a 3D printer, or take the 3 day immersion course - the first one is coming up in 2 weeks on November 23-25 in the Toronto area. I will be giving a public lecture on Saturday. We plan on a regular schedule of the 3 day events in the future. See more information on our program to start OSE Clubs - and sign up - at

Thanks, Marcin