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From Edward Miller:

Supplements are the cheapest health insurance one could buy. While one can live well without supps, it is simply impossible to obtain optimal nutrient levels with food alone, no matter how hard you try. The vast majority of people are chronically deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals, and you guys on the farm are no different. From my knowledge of you, I speculate that you guys are deficient in iodine, B vitamins, selenium, carnitine, carnosine, and probably more.

Hormones also greatly effect how you feel, and perhaps your greater focus is related to this. As people age their levels of melatonin, DHEA, testosterone, coQ10, and many other things decrease. Some recommend trying to boost testosterone and DHEA. Exercise (high intensity interval training) and proper nutrition can help slow the decrease. Also, you can take DHEA pills just like melatonin, but it isn't as cheap... almost nothing is as cheap as melatonin. There are some stuff to help with testosterone too, which could restore youthfulness, such as DIM and I3C, broccoli extracts. Straight testosterone requires needles and a prescription, and I wouldn't recommend that.

Complete darkness late at night also can help maintain proper melatonin levels. Thermal blackout curtains can aid this, and improve energy efficiency to boot! This should also improve sleep, and the more sleep the better!

As for food, keep eating lots of turmeric, garlic, and other spices. Hopefully you will be getting lots of berries chock full of antioxidants soon. Beets, Kale, and other things you are growing are super foods, so that will be wonderful. It'd be nice to get some broccoli too, if you aren't already growing it. Since you eat a lot of greens, you probably get tons of good vitamin K and phytonutrients!

Try to drink lots of green tea. The Life Extension Mix that I gave you comes with green tea extract, and you can buy it separate, but there is nothing like a good cup of tea.

Poor man's supplements:

Melatonin - unbelievably cheap, sleep-improving, antioxidant, life-extending supplement!

Vitamin D - you spend a lot of time in the sun, but people have still been known to be deficient in sunny areas, and it is dirt cheap

Omega 3 - Anti-inflammatory, mood stabilizer, and wonder supp! Pretty cheap in bulk... liquid is even cheaper if you can stomach it.

TMG - Cheap B vitamin which lowers homocysteine

NOW ADAM Men's Multivitamin - is usually considered the best poor man's multi, and has the proper zinc and magnesium levels for men.

Low Dose Aspirin - If you have a history of heart disease in your family, this is a cheap way to help it

Medium range supplements:

Carnosine - essential glycation-breaker, especially necessary during low meat-consumption periods... eggs and milk dont have it

Acetyl L-Carnitine - Awesome energy-boosting, life-extending, wonder nutrient! (especially during low meat consumption periods)

Lipoic Acid - Protects mitochondria... especially good to take with carnitine which revs up your metabolism

If you want more information on dosages, let me know. Many people concerned with price use for everything, but I am an member so I use that. There are other sites you can compare price with like or

Though dosages and frequency could change the price considerably, a yearly multi would be about 100 bucks. Compared to health insurance, that isn't too bad... and besides... an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Buying in bulk with Jeremy, Ben, and anyone else could potentially reduce costs considerably. It would be best to buy the entire year's supply at once to get bulk rates and save on shipping.

This was the best price on Google Shopping, the seller has a 4 star rating: