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  • Barrett from Simpl Fulfillment, email

Structural Engineering

  • Ivan - email
  • Owen Geiger - possibly - open source geopolymer
  • Satya Karra - via Pragnya
  • Rebekka - via Kostas at NTUA
  • DK55 from Jens
  • Costa Rican German structural engineer - via Johannes Stock, WGP Congress 2016 -
  • Michael Donoghue - via Jim Hallock
  • Lisa - via Jim Hallock
  • Clifton Robertson - KS - engineer + construction offering help + colleagues
  • Desire Waffo
  • Garrett Mostowski - Garrett Mostowski. I'm a second year student at Princeton Theological Seminary/admirer of your ideas. I've spent the past year on sabbatical researching sustainability and theology while also working for an engineering firm in New Carlisle, Ohio. It's called Safety Through Engineering. The president and main engineer is a close family friend of mine. His name is Michael C. Wright. He's the finest in his field. I worked with him personally during my time at STE... I may be able to help some.


  • Roderick Bedingfield


  • Mark Dilley


  • James Fleming - coding, database - email. Offering time each month.
  • Jake, Diginess Unknown - Arduino
  • Coding - some backer, look at response
  • Coding - Patrick Ortell, FB - Hey guys!! I've been watching your progress for a few months now... I just looked at some notes from a Google hang out that you guys did.... I would love to donate some time on my ruby on rails and node JavaScript developer I'm based out of Denver but it is the 21st-century Id love to donate anyway possible... PM me if you'd like to chat


  • Alastair - first shot at An Open Housing Manifesto. A lot of it is based on the original WikiHouse design principles we wrote - I've experimented with putting it into the first person like a kind of pledge, but not sure that works! I'm sure there's lots to be deleted / edited / added - please feel free to rip it apart / start again...


  • Josh + wife - ks message - graphics, data analytics, broadcast marketing
  • Hans Kern - OS resource book - find peeps there?


  • Alan Livshin


  • OEM metal parts - Aikesibo on gmail
  • Art Lemasters - well drilling rig, tech savvy
  • SA guy - well drilling
  • Netherlands guy - TEDx well drilling
  • Civil Enhlgineer - Boris


  • JJValette - French journalist, 20 minutes


  • Bryan Cloninger - eco resort
  • Musaba in Zambia
  • Hello, good day to you. I'm interested in building up an eco-friendly community. I have some land in the country and the small community are all related in some way. I'd like to build up this small town complete with school and community buildings. I don't know exactly all this would take but whatever it is I'd like to move positively forward in an expeditious manner :) my name is Mr. Bey
  • Ron Johnson
  • Colby
  • Jenna - 2 builds
  • UFG - 7 houses
  • Hey Marcin, nice to hear from you and thanks for the introduction to the open building institute!

This is pretty interesting to me, since eco-friendly (or at least friendlier) construction is pretty much what I do in all my spare time. I checked out a few of your google docs, plus the kickstarter video and it looks really interesting.

Where are your projects going on these days? Maybe I'll get a chance to check one out in person. Are you located in Missouri?

I've actually been planning to write about tiny houses and modular housing for a while - it's a great alternative to what we do now.

In fact, one way to make the story REALLY interesting would be to write a blog post, and seek out a reader who has land and money ready right now to build an OBI house. Then document their progress in creating the home, including costs and experiences.

If you want to talk further in the coming months, just drop me an email, since I use email much more often than Facebook.

thanks and congratulations on your great project! Pete (MMM)


  • Fawaz Rob - Dear Dr. Catarina Mota,

I am really inspired by your speeches and your work. I teach architecture at North South University in Bangladesh. You would think an architecture school in Bangladesh, where 70% of the population are rural, would heavily concentrate on 'sustainable rural' architecture. The truth is far from that. Its heavily influenced by copying mindless western architecture. I have a small research based architecture firm called Bangla Bari. If you would take a look at it, I would really appreciate it. We concentrate on earth and bamboo architecture. I would be highly interested in forming a partnership with your organization. I feel it can be brilliant for Bangladesh. This is an ever changing country, and we desperately need technical skills to build better dwellings in cost effective way. You can reach me at or +8801713131657. If you ever feel giving a video presentation to our architecture students, we would also be honored.

  • Nate - Green Roofs - Also, I design, build and grow vegetated green roofs all over the world and have studies aquaponics in great depth. It would be great to connect about how we might be able to collaborate.

Please email me at

  • Rob Stout - CEB design. Maybe Jim Hallock?

Codes, Documents, Design

  1. Marc at Liberada - on email - data architecture
  2. Bruce LeBel - structural engineering of foundations
  3. Josiah - engineers to stamp designs. Charlie, civil engineer.
  4. Dhanada Mishra - structural engineering
  5. Site design - Bob Berkebile?
  6. Jennifer Apel: via Jesus.
  7. Nyander - Crain Atlantis Engineering Inc, an engineering and architecture firm. I spoke with David Ashe briefly about you in the future needing consultants to get drawing passed and approved. They are open to partnering up with the idea.
  8. Chris Basham - From what I understand, the material is just a mixture of concrete, water, and a foaming agent (e.g. liquid dish detergent). Their Green Dragon and Little Dragon air-crete mixers reduce the equipment price from tens of thousands of dollars to several hundred dollars. You can see all their videos on YouTube.


  1. Adam Porroni - KS - sticker fulfillment


  1. Hi guys, I started a project making music and I want to offer you tracks so that you can use in your videos and different visual content that need music, more than willing to help Open source ecology!

If interested just let me know to start making tracks!, Best Regards Ezequiel Rangel

Affordable Housing

  1. Alastair -
  2. Mignon O'Young - Green Architecture and Building Report - San Fran experience


  1. Celeste - marketing and biz dev; newsletter content
  2. Tracey Dines - Australia - copy assistance
  3. dave Hakkens - messaging
  4. kelly gerling - integrated humans + transcendence.
  5. From the OBI FB Group. Navie says he's an expert in user study and targeted advertising
  6. Bill from Minds - open source social network. Embed discussions in other venues?


  • Nicholas Kelcz - Help organize workshops in Boston.

Product/Biz Development

  1. Bruce LeBel - KS - I also welcome the opportunity to collaborate on any topic where you think my experience with temporary and transitional shelter, and for US persons unsheltered, may benefit your initiative. I'm also CEO of a software company (have never taken a nickel out of World Shelters) so I have some rather extensive business experience including product development, manufacturing and distribution in addition to complex IT applications.
  2. Monica Pedro - torch table for CNC cut of experimental tractor in Portugal
  3. Richard George - funding for Open Source Aquaponic Greenhouse 800 sf model
  4. Emily - Whipple Russell Architects


  1. Chris Foltz - FB - branding, marketing, web, pr
  2. Backersnation
  3. Steem: (Scott Gregory) posts often about OSE activities.
  4. Minds - Vision Launch
  5. Google AdWords - Vision Launch
  6. Daniel Fernández Lestón - outreach in Spain
  7. Eammon - FAQ

Design Assets, Graphic Design, Video, Animation

  • Jacob Merrill (FB) - Blender 101 tutorial
  • Vladimir - Countrysider, branding, marketing. Book layout and publishing. Using Scribus.
  • Green Roof - + aquaponics
  • Michel - model house design
  • Michel - 3D printer workshops
  • Callum Sykes says - I'd happily voulenteer to draw you many of these modular parts in Revit. Would this be of interest to you at all?
  • Paul Mullen - KS supporter offering assistance
  • Lee Brenton - Kickstarter - video/animation
  • OBI Group - Scott Gregory - Audio/ video production and editing. 3d modelling, etc.
  • FB - Jonas Allesson Sounds like a viable model, really liking the workshop idea. I've worked with Eric Huntings Utilihab for a long time and would definitely be interested in realising this vision here in Norway. Don't hesitate if there's anything I can help out with, I've done a lot of 3D visualisation on projects like this before.
  • Perla from KS - photo shoot if near NYC.
  • Don Clark - I am not currently not registered for any workshops. I'm in the process of saving up money for that.I could like to get some footage and edit a small video together to show to people I know. OSE/OBI would be welcome to an unedited and/or edited copy.
  • Karen Eng - PS I've just taken a documentary masterclass with the intention to make mini-docs on the Fellows… If you guys ever have a build in Europe, let me know and I'll come make a short film for TED! :)