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OBI will begin offering builds to clients in late 2017. The current business model* for this is offering is as follows:

  • OBI organizes and runs a rapid-build workshop (5 days) during which participants build a structure for client. OBI handles publicity and registration, and provides participants with an immersion education workshop that includes presentations, discussions, and hands-on skills training. The client ends up with a finished house, including plumbing and electrical, by the end of the 5-days build-workshop.
  • The client provides the land, build materials, supplies, tools and machine rentals (if necessary). It's estimated that the materials cost is $25k for a ~750 square foot eco-home - or $15k for a 256 square foot core (see Starter Home infographic at the OBI Kickstarter - - with $5k in materials for every 256 square foot addition. The actual cost may be higher or lower depending on the selection of materials and features, as well as location constraints (type of soil, local regulations, etc.).
  • The client is also responsible for paying for any permits and fees required by local authorities. OBI will provide as much technical documentation as possible to make this process easier and less costly.
  • For the service of organizing the build-workshop, the client pays OBI a fee of $10,000. OBI also keeps workshop registration fees, and provides lunch and dinner to participants.
  • There must be space on site for 36+ people to work on sawhorses to assemble 18+ modules in parallel.
  • The build location must also be able to accommodate dining and educational presentation activities.
  • The build process begins with a foundation laid out by the client according to OBI specifications prior to the beginning of the build-workshop (unless agreed upon otherwise) - so that the build can begin on the first day of the large team arriving.
  • More details will be provided as we test and perfect this business model. Please note that filling out this form does represent a commitment from either you or us. It's just a way for us to learn about your interest and needs.


OBI is offering 2 Seed Home and 2 Aquaponic Greenhouse builds in other locations beginning in 2017. For candidate clients interested in a build, we offer the following procedure:

  1. Fill out the OBI Build Preliminary Assessment Form to provide critical information about the desired build. Email info at opensourceecology dot org once you have filled out the form to let us know that you are pursuing a build, or if you have any questions.
  2. OBI will respond within 24 hours, and we can continue discussion
  3. Discussion begins regarding the basic design, specific scope, custom features, special conditions, and regulatory compliance. We have basic house models to choose from, but we will hold a design challenge to come up with a highly aesthetic design. An ideal situation would happen when the client downloads our design library, and creates a design for OBI to build.
  4. Once the parties agree to a build, a Memorandum of Understanding is signed, the Client agrees to pay the $10k service fee by August 3, 2016 via the Kickstarter. If there are any extenuating circumstances that require the project to be aborted, the Client receives a full refund minus a $800 service fee.

OBI Build Preliminary Assessment Form