OBI Comparison to Industry Standards

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Product Level

List different companies and grade them by:

  • Open Source vs Proprietary
  • SF?
  • Cost?
  • Off grid, electric?
  • Off grid, waste?
  • Green building materials?
  • Availability of Design Software
  • Are turnkey designs available, or is this a building system only?
  • Is a Design Guide available?
  • Needs Crane to assemble?
  • Concept or real?
  • DIY, Contractor, Turnkey?
  • Includes Foundation?
  • Is it a shell structure, or does it inlude utilities and interior finish?
  • Includes Heating?
  • is it insulated for cold climates?
  • Does it accept snow loading?
  • Includes land?
  • Includes legal compliance?
  • Is a rapid parallel build possible?
  • Are open source building materials available for this model?
  • Are designs crowdsourced?
  • Build on Site or in a factory?
  • Is the build model self-funded, or a subsidized charity?
  • Do franchise opportunities exist?

Enterprise Level