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(Infographic: HOW IT WORKS: You can dowload designs -> download plans for open source machines (for construction or materials production) you can build, have them built by a custom fabricator) -> use our design software to make house designs without going to architecture school because our modules are already engineered -> Get training on how to produce materials + produce building materials by renting our Materials Production Facility -> Get Enterprise Training on how to Start a Construction Business -> Attend hands-on workshops on how to design and build machines, house-utilities, and houses) -> you can submit house designs to our gallery and module designs to our Library -> you can participate in Crowdsource Design Challenges -> You can join our Advisory Team (we have vacant role descriptions and requirements for 100 people) -> Order a House Build at $10k above the cost of materials for a 700 sf structure (2017), where apprentices in training provide the labor to complete a house build in 5 days.