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General Kickstarter Strategy

This is for review. The current OBI strategy is:

  1. To have a strategy that builds on best practice.
  2. Check in with key supporters who are knowledgeable in KS strategy by informing them on ours, asking for suggestions. Perry, Sunny, David, Emily, etc.

Current main points are:

  1. Check.pngClarify Product Strategy. Refining continuously
  2. Check.pngDefine and prepare key assets
  3. Check.pngDefine Audiences
  4. Find open-source and other aligned contacts at Top 50 Publicity Venues via our networks, reach out to them with a focused angle and request.
  5. Identify Aligned Writers at key publications

General Execution Points

  1. Keep it 30 days or under
  2. Offer lots of small rewards
  3. Show a budget, doesn't have to be super detailed. Curriculum Development - $24k, Materials & Prototypig - $48k
  4. Use good camera and video

Finding Aligned Writers

  • Identify publications Check.png Top 50 Publicity Venues.
  • Identify writers at those publications by asking through our networks.
  • Go through our networks for introductions
  • Reach out to the specific writers
  • Open Source (FLOSSH) - large audience
  • Eco, permaculture, ecohome, local economy, ecomaterials, ecoindustry, carbon negative
  • Survivalist, low resource scenario, transhumanist
  • Architecture - positioning as architecture for the poor
  • Humanitarian, Aid, AT
  • Tech
  • Consciousness, awareness
  • Positive psychology, positive news
  • Enterprise - small enterprise, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, regenerative business

Time Allotment

See MJ Critical Path.


Other Strategy Links

  • Example of $100k in 10 days - focusing on Minimum Effective Dose (MED), 80/20 Rule in Media, how to find bloggers - [1]
  • lots of case study links here - [2]