OBI Publicity Strategy

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There are different ways to do publicity, and OBI's approach builds on OSE's experience with:

  1. Involving subject matter experts for technical expertise (SMEs) - SMEs are critical to technical development.
  2. Providing value to stakeholders - instead of asking for money, we provide assets to constituents on an ongoing basis, converting energy of promises in the futuree after we're paid to immediate value now. Assets speak for themselves - they bring in more support as people see that we are providing abundant value. SMEs can be tapped for value - such as webinars, designs, and other information that has high value to our stakeholders. For example, we provide a webinar or an instructional - ourselves or based on SME contributions.
  3. Riding on the coat tails of SMEs for publicity - SMEs typically have large audiences already, and we can leverage these audiences for further publicity
  4. Involving the crowd - there are well-chosen tasks that can be deployed to the general public. A potent one is further SME search. We can state specifically what expertise is required to accomplish certain tasks - and let the crowds submit suggestions. For this, an embeddable Stack Overflow instance is useful. For this, it would be useful to install an OSE Stack Exchange instance, or OBI Stack Exchange instance.