OBI Submission Process

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All contributions are placed under a CC-BY-SA-4.0 International license.

  1. Become familiar with Sweet Home and download the part libraries according to the instructions on the OBI Website
  2. Read the basic design guide for how to design a structure using the basic design guide at How to Design a Structure with the Modular System
  3. Attend or view a webinar on how to design with the OBI building system (coming soon)
  4. Watch the comprehensive Explainer Video on OBI structure design (coming soon)
  5. Read through the Requirements Checklist to make sure that your design includes all the necessary features
  6. Get busy making your design, making sure to cover the checklist of Design Requirements
  7. Go to and use the form there to provide your design assets. To provide your assets, first upload them to any publicly accessible website location, and paste the link into the Submission Form: (1) Sweet Home 3D source file; (2) jpg or png image of a rendering of your design; (3) a source file for your rendering saved in Blender in the scene that you rendered (4) link to a 1 minute or under video product narrative - of a screen capture 3D walk-through in Sweet Home - uploaded to your favorite video hosting site such as YouTube - discussing any salient points; (5) a WebGL file for embedding a 3D manipulable image of your design on the web; (6) your location, so we can put you on a contributor map.
  8. OBI will select any designs for consideration in its official OBI Structures Library. Only designs that have been build built and tested can enter the Structures Library
  9. OBI will hold periodic Design Challenges, where an award is given to the winner. The winning entry may be considered for prototyping.