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  • September 8-9, 2016 - Ghent, Belgium - 3D Printer Workshop
  • September 23-25 - USA - CEB Press and Power Cube builds
  • October, 2016 - USA - House Build Mini Course (see $200 reward on Kickstarter (
  • November 4-8 - USA - Seed Eco-Home Build (see official posting here)
  • November 11-15 - Aquaponic Greenhouse Build (see official posting here)
  • December 16 - Berlin, Germany - 3D Printer One Day Build
  • March 17-19, 2017 - CNC Torch Table + Router Table Build
  • March 31-April 1 - USA - Home Wind Turbine One Day Build
  • April 2-3 - USA - Backhoe Build
  • May 19-23 - USA - Next Generation Seed Eco-Home Build
  • June 2017 - USA - Materials Production Short Course (see $150 reward at [1])
  • June 2017 - USA - Solar Power Cube Build
  • August 2017 - USA - Multipurpose Ecotractor Build (see Kickstarter $700 reward - [2])
  • September 2017 - USA - Power Cube Build (see Kickstarter $1400 reward - [3])


  • Living Home Webinar - August 2016 - With Bob Berkebile and Phaedra Svec of BNIM Architects - What does the most ecological and regenerative house look like? Find out in this webinar, featuring the co-founder of the Living Building Challenge - Bob Berkebile. We will glean what it takes to apply the Living Building standard to the OBI advanced home.
  • How to Design and Build a Low Cost PV System for Your Home or Workshop. - August 2016 - Did you know that PV now costs under 50 cents per watt for the solar panels, and that 1kW off-grid or grid intertie inverters cost 10 cents per watt? This means 3 year payback times for installed PV. Find out how to design and build a practical PV system that takes advantage of the low and falling cost of PV to make this a practical option for you today.
  • Aquaponic Greenhouse Webinar - October 2016 - Did you ever think it would be a good idea to build an aquaponic greenhouse that provides you with all the fish and vegetables that you can eat? Learn how to design the aquapoinic greenhouse - based on the learnings from our first year of operation.
  • Open Source Toolchain for House Design - September 2016 - Did you ever consider being an open source architect? Did you know that a complete open source software toolchain exists for all the aspects of house design and documentation - all based on freely-downloadable, open source software? This webinar is a survey of these tools. This tool chain includes SweetHome 3D (modular house design, walkthroughs, rendering) - FreeCAD (BIM, architecture workflow, 3D design, exploded part animations) - LibreCAD (2D Design, floor plans, electrical plans, site plans) - Blender (site rendering, animations) - QGIS (site design and planning, topography, surveying, feature mapping) - OpenPilot (aerial drone surveying) - BlockscCAD (OpenSCAD-based GUI for creating 3D objects especially for 3D printing) - Inkscape (vector graphics) - GIMP (image editor), Scribus (desktop publishing, book layout)