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OSE integrates FreeCAD in to it's workflow very profoundly so it makes sense that there be an open collaboration between the 2 projects. This wiki page has been established to help the 2 projects inform each other.


  • Currently as of this writing, OSE only uses FreeCAD v0.16 stable. This makes sense so that all OSE devs are on the same page and there is no potential backward compatibility conflict. The problem is that many fixes and features have been added since then in FreeCAD v0.17dev
  • FreeCAD has a very powerful python scripting engine. It doesn't seem that it's being fully utilized by OSE.
  • There doesn't seem to be much open communication between OSE and FC communities.
  • FC 0.17dev has introduced more robust Workbenches like PATH and FEM that could be very very cost-effective and helpful for planning/executing OSE projects better.
  • OSE could attract more devs to improve FC and vice-a-versa
  • FC has an ever growing robust Addon ecosystem. Tools like Nurbs, Silk, Flamingo Pype tools etc... could be very useful for OSE.