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  • Applied physics 101 - survey of all physics related to converting the natural world into a productive, modern civilization. That means understanding phenomena and limits of what is possible from the physical perspective.
  • Abundance Numeracy 101 - understanding the availability of energy and material resources an planet Earth and at Kardashev scale towards understanding the scalability of new infrastructures and institutions - towards equitable and abundant distribution of resources. This is called Abundance numeracy instead of plain numeracy because the implications are those of significant access and abundance of critical resources (outside of strategic resources). Understanding of substitutability for strategic resources. Understanding the capacity for transforming natural resources into feed stocks of modern civilization, such as Farm Yields Per Acre. The goal is to have an in-depth understanding of possibilities and time frames of their execution. Sample question - discuss how long it would take for a village to send a crew to the moon based on its available resources without impinging on quality of life of its population in any way. To answer this, you are allowed to make reasonable assumptions on the size and resource base of this village, based on industry standards.
  • Leadership and Moral Intelligence 101 aka Hardwiring Happiness 101 - practical tools for transitioning from the reptilian brain into a modern abundance mindset, founded on developing a moral philosophy that enables Antifragility. Applications to sublimation thinking and antifragility towards problem-solving. Applications of moral intelligence to purpose, motivation, and meaning as a source of true leadership. Hardwiring Happiness as a foundation for taking on impossible problems. Hardwiring Happiness using mental models for The Art of Possibility. Hardwiring Happiness as a foundation for Integral Transformative Practice
  • A Survey of Everything 101 - a survey of all mantle models across all human disciplines and areas of endeavor. Also a survey of outstanding questions in each area. This covers both philosophy, science, humanities, governance, infrastructures and institutions in society
  • Learning How to Learn 101 - logic, reason how to think, effective memory, how to read effectively. Human augmentation tools and techniques for writing, reading, memorizing, calculating, analyzing. How to consider facts and data to make reasonable conclusions. Patterns of faulty logic exposed. Understanding mechanisms, patterns, pattern languages and algorithms. Integrated multimodal learning. Purpose as a motivation for applied learning.
  • Integrated Design 101 - applying principles of applied physics, abundance numeracy, how to learn, Survey of Everything, and hardwiring Happiness to the sound design of infrastructures and institutions that meet human needs effectively. Integrated design of homes, communities, and civilizations that consider best-practice frameworks and practices based on the Survey of Everything.

Steve states Gaps - people becoming leaders. Leadership training. And for big dreamers: connecting the financial models.

Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates leave the 4-year program being visibly and markedly transformed to infectious positivity, via a fundamental understanding of possibility and potential ways to get there via inclusive collaboration . To an equitable world free of war and poverty, not as an idea, but a mission that our graduates are engaged in 100%.

Model of Change

Our model relies on leadership creation. We are educating for leadership. This leadership then brings up the rest of society by creating moral, social, economic value in society which aims to level the playing field of opportunity. We train people to become the builders of infrastructures and institutions - in order to transform the same..