OSE Apprenticeship Cold Start

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  • OSE's breakthrough Swarm Build techniques allow for novices to participate at 1/3 the professional-level output
    • It takes 1x time for a professional to execute
    • It takes 2x time for skilled novices to execute (people who haven't built before, but who are handy)
    • 2x time for learning
    • 2x time for pace of work
    • 5-day professional or trained apprentice build means 15 day build by novices
  • Revenue proofs: $25k per week net in the low profit scenario, and $50k/week in high profit scenario while delivering product at significantly below market rate (30% lower cost)
  • Projections for OSE Apprenticeship:
    • $25k revenue minimum off the street every 15 days
    • $25k revenue minimum after 5 days at 6 months
    • $50k after 5 days with rapid learning facility (we fly at 500 hours per build) - proof of concept would be whether we can do this without the Rapid Learning Facility
  • Rapid Learning Facility:
    • 12 bays of rapid learning: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, concrete, cabinetry, appliances, PV, automation, landscaping, earthworks, siding, flooring, insulation