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During the first session of the OSE Apprenticeship in 2021, we have 7 apprentices on site in July. People are sharing cooking duties for dinner, prior to OSE hiring a cook once the OSE campus grows. In summer-fall of 2021, this is the current protocol for food purchasing.


  1. Site manager is responsible for picking up food that is pre-ordered from walmart. On-demand trips should be avoided, as travel time for any trip to St. Joseph is over one hour total and costs including gas and time are approximately $60 per any dedicated trip.
  2. Purchasing happens at 2 week intervals for most items outside of fresh fruits and vegetables, for which additional trips may be made.
  3. Please spend the time to fill in your order on the Walmart website and combine with other Apprentices to coordinate. All purchases are submitted through the Walmart website and only submitted items are purchased. Items not submitted to this list have to wait until the next trip to the store. No ad-hoc purchases are allowed to avoid impulse shopping when already at the store. Store pickup allows OSE staff to save hours of time by not picking the items themselves, and thus the online ordering is a useful service.
  4. Admissible items include food only. Other costs such as alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, medicines, food supplements, or other personal items are not allowed in the OSE Food Purchasing, and are the responsibility of the individual.
  5. House cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, appliances, and other household items are the responsibility of the site manager, and are filled out by the site manager. Please coordinate with the site manager on these items.
  6. Log in to the OSE walmart account and make selections.
  7. Cutoff for purchase list is end of Saturday if pickup is Sunday, or end of Friday if pickup is Saturday.
  8. OSE approves the pickup list prior to the store trip.
  9. Site manager picks up the food items on Sunday or Saturday.
  10. Any selections that are out of stock can be picked up inside the store, but these must be on the shopping list. Impulse shopping is not allowed for cost control purposes.