OSE Apprenticeship Messaging

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The Issue

Core, Hedgehog, Flywheel, UVP,

  • Do you have the discipline that it takes to take on ambitious, long-term projects?
  • We owe it to the world to prove that open works.
  • Transformation: elevate civilization to collaborative transparency
  • It is our choice. We can suck. Or we can go from good to great.


  • Jobs maintain the system
  • New unemployment opportunities. For the employed and unemployed.
  • Not here, we focus on organizational innovation for transformation, based on enterprise
  • Everyone starts on the factory floor, as there is no substitute for understanding production, which lays the groundwork for moral philosophy since Socrates.
  • We work to resolve freedom (unobtained in totalitarian and capitalist states alike)
  • We work actively on applied philosophy - learning big picture ideals, negotiation, and solving big picture issues with mundane enlightened enterprise