OSE Apprenticeship Rollout

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System Architecture

  • Culture is Integrative Genius - moral intelligence, bounding problems, and genius recovery
  • Culture means that which drives product and DMS. Clarity on anything short being unacceptable. Issue: performers are not to be found. Solution: time and creation of talent. Key: shorten the time via RLF capacity.
  • RLF is backed by Civilization Architecture - all technology and ecology broken down to modules and parts. Coordination challenge: solved by Development Template for open source ecology (meaning technosphere and nature); master architecture based on General Semantics and Epistemology. Master architecture is based on creation - understanding CAD-BOM-Build and applying to both technosphere and to nature. Thus, the ultimate coordination problem is solved by OSE Spec, architectures, modular breakdown, and fractal stygmergic design.


  • At time of callout, house has been sold. 90 days of on the market, and final selection is made upon the point of closing.
  • Press release - 2 weeks before the house is put on the market.
  • Next try: May 16 for house put up for sale.
  • Program start: July 15, heat of the summer.
    • 3 months - Candidate Assessment, site visit, build classroom (basic RLF) with gravel roof. Stackable structure, or at least a part of it. Recruit and design finish for SEH 5.
    • Core is Competency Assessments - you set your pay. Rigorous.
  • Planned completion rate - 2 days per week of work, 24 people = 400 hours per week. 5 weeks per house build.
  • Core of program is construction - 2 days, 2 days LHTL, 1 day of other build?
    • Revenue - $13/hr = $832/month. Competency-based pay.
  • Tuition - $12k, rides us with