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OSE is about evolution.


OSE's approach is eclectic, holistic, systems thinking, multidisciplinary, pragmatic, secular, and apolitical. We do not endorse Secular Religion, but aim for synthesis of best practices across disciplines and sectors to make a better world.

OSE work also also draws from Self-Determination Theory, information theory, General Semantics, Political Ponerology, and integral thinking.

Further, we draw from principles of appropriate technology, swadeshi. We aim for creating an Economy of Affection - a world where meaning and purpose is important.


We aim to create Right Livelihood. We aim to optimize for meaning and pursuit of self-determination. How do we set up our working life to optimize for growth and evolution, as opposed to commercial interest? How do we optimize for enlightenment and transcendence? We aim to transcend and include.

Relevant Seminal Literature