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D3D 3D printer Robotization

D3D Automation command and control module

D3D Automation parts ejection module

Ejection using bed cooling and printhead

Ejection using belt and scraper on bed

maybe could get away with using scraper as an axis? don't really want to do this...I want the part to be still on the bed

D3D Automation Printer filament auto-change-out cartridge and boden spooler

This is a print cartirge with MCU and runout sensor. It can spool in or spool out fillament to a boden tube, allowing automated expulsion of spent fillament and spooling in of new fillament during change out. Attached to the frame to the magnetic D3D print cartridge loading dock. MCU and battery on board charge using USB voltages from the printer. it keeps track of what filament is loaded and when it was loaded; and how much was spooled out so far.