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OSE Botswana Plan

Africa Budget, Africa Pilot, Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)[1], Local Enterprise Authority (LEA)[2] for funding.

Business Plan Draft


Land Allocation

Approximately 92.8 hectares (229 Acres) available for site of OSE Botswana - Location Mantshadidi Near Palapye, Botswana (GPS Coordinates TBA) Sample certificate of one of the plots of land allocated to Makunga Family members: File:Certificate of Customary Land Grant.pdf

OSE Microfactory and Campus Botswana


  • need water - borehole?
  • Power - Generator to power welders
  • Foundation Slab - for workshop: 15m x 20m with roof.
  • CEB press parts
  • Toilets and showers

1st phase need workshop and CEB press to begin building infrastructure - staff housing, dorms & cabins. Need Site plan. CEB house plans, dorms and cabin plans. Bus in casual labourers to build infrastructure. Fly in MJ & CM for CEB build and other machines for workshop.