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  • This page goes over OSE (and other sub-groups (see OBI Aesthetic ) ) 's "Brand" / "Branding"
  • Mainly in an effort to asses it's current status, then determine potential improvements



  • If you look at a "John Deer" device, or a "Ryboi" device, the color scheme makes it easily recognisable
  • Thus if all (at least more "official" than a fork) OSE Devices have a similar color scheme in their outer layers/finish, this may help OSE's Branding

Overall Design

  • The way things look, such as a "regular" pickup truck, or Tesla's "Cybertruck"
  • Typically angular vs smooth corners
  • I think Gridbeam will constitute this for most OSE vehicles
  • For 3D Printed Hand Tools etc This Sill is Undetermined

Sound Design


  • This is more subtle that visual etc, but it does exist
  • Examples Are:
    • The Sound of Various ICEs (A "Harley Davison Motorcycle" etc)
    • Software sounds (Such as stock ringtones or message alerts on Iphones etc, or the ALO "You Got Mail")
      • These are subtle, but due to repition become meaningful. Hence why things like "Glitch-Hop" and "Vaporwave" exist.

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