OSE Build Tactics

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  • Follow our convention. Break this convention when it is easier or Iron Triangle to build.

OSE Build Philosophy

  • Eradicating the disease of Not Invented Here, a pernicious affliction of plausible deniability regarding reinventing the wheel.

OSE Philosophy

  • We stand on the shoulders of Giants. True humility is that nothing new is invented. Major 'inventions, like microchips or Theory of Relativity - are still just tiny add-ons to a much greater pool of human knowledge.Understanding this helps us move on to more important question, such as solving war or evolving as humans - which require the humility required for open collaboration.
  • Good is the enemy of great. From Good to Great.
  • More can be done for the benefit of humankind by integrating existing technology than inventing new technology

OSE Specifications

Appropriate Technology Specifications

Has anyone yet defined? These need to be updated for the digital age.