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In my TED Talk, I promised new civilization startup at $100K, and that is approximately the amount of capital necessary to fund land acquisition, 50,000 lbs of steel, and $10k in tools.

The economic reality of this is strengthening, in that bootstrapping capacity can be afforded by Distributive Enterprise, and an Open Source Agroecology perennial polyculture gene bank can be tapped for living stock. We are in 2016 beginning on the latter with a hybrid swarm of 10,000 nut trees]], as the beginning of hybrid swarm breeding of pants that come true from seed.

Campus Definition

The scope of the Campus, intended to be a site of permanent human heritage living in harmony with its natural life support systemse, needs to be defined clearly. Note that the 2030 milestone on the OSE roadmap involves 1000 of such campuses worldwide.

Keys to Success

The key to success is open information and capitalization, especially recognizing that there are 9 Forms of Capital.