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There are high level, advanced rules for working together on projects at a scale of 2+ people.

  1. All work is done for more than just yourself. You should always strive to be the producer and beneficiary of whatever you do.
  2. Work Log all your build time as production data.
  3. Work log all your development.
  4. Upload work in progress on an ongoing basis. Do not conflict versions, nor lock down any work product.
    1. To not conflict - if recent work is happening, move on to something else.
    2. To not lock down work - upload on an ongoing basis. If more than one hour passes, something is deemed 'not being worked on'
    3. Deconfliction can happen readily. New dev session means that you upload exceptionally fast, 5 minutes from starting to mark your territory.
    4. Check developer work logs. Work logs are logged prior to starting, not after. Ie, mark your territory.
  5. If it isn't documented, it doesn't exist. If it is documented, it exists from the time it was documented.
  6. If it wasn't documented, it didn't exist.
  7. Whatever can be measured can be improved. This applies to CAD-BOM-Build-Document-Enterprise with design perfection, BOM optimization, and build optimization. Full documentation and data collection allows for improvement, design automation, digital fabrication, on-demand part fabrication, on-demand production, sales automation, warehousing automation, logistics automatio. Marketing automation, automated part production, workflow automation, etc. It allows for virtualization for gaming, educational gaming, and more. It allows for badge automation, enterprise spinoff, leaderboard gamification, automated documentation, automated publishing, automated design, Design Workbenches in FreeCAD, part generators etc. Therefore, the daily grind is Work Log, CAD uploads, BOM additions, instructionals, Work Doc pages, CAM files, procedures, rapid-learnig curriculum.


  1. Coordination in CAD occurs via guess what? A coordinate system. 24 person task breakdown to insert 24 items into a collaborative CAD doc. Download latest right before upload. Online, so you let others know in realtime work parties. Everyone understands Coordinate System. Thus Seed Eco-Home Coordinate System is the start point of collaboration, at the origin which is front, bottom, left like the X, Y, Z coordinate system.