OSE Continuous Improvement Standard

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  • Job. Every worker has an educational track available for lifelong learning in house, up to the highest level available in the world
  • Product. Every product is built once only, and some improvement is added in the next product: simplification, build efficiency improvement, part count reduction, improved documentation, added essential features, improved product ecology fit, etc.
  • Digitization. Digital design and build capability improves with every build. We continuously upgrade CAD, CAM, CNC machines, and develop integration with the overall product ecosystem. We promote automation that provides mutually-assured abundance.
  • Rapid Learning. We improve our resources that allow anyone else to replicate, contribute to, and build upon our work.
  • Open Enterprise Incubation. We provide and continuously improve open resources and incubation + capitalization mechanisms for creating additional enterprises or franchises based on our work.
  • Collaboration. The core of our operations is collaborative improvement, and an end to reinventing the wheel. By working transparently, open source, collaborately throughout the development and production process, we create optimal products.
  • Network State. We promote freedom and optimal governance systems by creating online communities that create a digital currency based on automated, open source production, and collaborate on securing land and infrastructure, which gains diplomatic recognition from surrounding states.