OSE Crowdsourcing Strategy

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In the information age, it is useful to leverage crowd contributions to gather information, do research, and to do design. Modular, bite-size contributions can be the way that a project can move forward. Another way is doing Incentive Challenges. Some practical mechanisms that OSE can implement are the following. It is useful to create an Operations Manual for each specific item, so that crowdsourced contributions can be managed with continuity.

The key to effective crowdsourcing is to ask good questions. Effective execution of crowdsourcing depends on building an audience, and using basic coordination protocols so that the work can build on itself - while allowing many people to contribute.

  • Use OSE Stack Exchange to ask specific development quesions, linking to the Wiki as the content repository
  • FB posting to solicit OSE Stack Exchange contributions
  • Strategies and Operations Manuals can be crowdsourced from individuals who have some familiarity with the art
  • As OSE grows, leading contributors are absorbed into OSE as long-term contributors.