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  • to opensource applied knowledge via construction sets
  • to transform education to one of practical and entrepreneurial nature
  • to connect livelihood to education
  • for applied projects
  • Bring meaning to abstract concepts
  • to bring about the promise of technology to make life easy
  • to take care of the environment and attain social justice
  • create armies of students working on the GVCS
  • to create an information architecture for a comprehensive set of technology
  • aiming to create an icon set to facilitate communication, as in Icon Construction Set
  • to span from middle school level to PhD
  • to create useful knowledge relevant to adults and children
  • to make technology appropriate
  • to empower everyone in creating their world


  1. Universal Rotor Construction Set - heavy duty and small rotors, impellers, blades - with applications to pumps, compressors, sawmills, trenchers, turbines, and any rotor. From 3D printing to welding to precision machining. Laimet screw chipper, pelletizer, haycutter. Shredder. Augers - flexible and stiff for materials handling and digging.
  2. Universal Axis Construction Set - From 3D printer to heavy duty CNC machining curriculum. Rotary and linear indexing and CNC devices, multiple axis systems, and Swiss CNC screw machines are included with grinders and surface grinders.
  3. Open Source Product Development
  4. Tractor Construction Set - techniques for building skid steers, tractors, articulated tractors, and heavy machines in general focusig on 1/4" and 1/2" wall 4" square steel Gridbeam.
  • Frame Construction Set - using box beam tubing, Gridbeam, OSE Tubing Library, OSE Piping Workbench, 6-face frames, and other techniques for effective frame building of everything from 3d printer to heavy duty machines. Focus on reuse of components.
  • Power Electronics Construction Set - electronics to control motors, charge batteries, run welders, induction furnaces, lasers, and plasma cutters. Power transmission grids with Arduino microelectronics.
  • Arduino and Sensors Construction Set - sensors for measurement and acuation. Position, location, distance, GPS, and more - up to electronic control units for engine ignition.
  • Measurement Devices Construction Set. Subset of Arduino. Relates to Arduino and Sensors - tachometers, temperature, current, moisture, oxygen, hydrogen sensors, spectrometers, microscopes.
  • Geardown Construction Set. Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world.
  • Power Cube Construction Set. Calculations. Hose sizes. Power. Torque. Couplers. Electric, solar, hybrid engines. Hydraulic circuits. Valves. Cooling and heat calculations.
  • House Construction Set - how to build structures.
  • Heat Exchanger Construction Set - coil, flat, metal, and 3D printed plastic and metal structures for heat exchange for ponds, house heating, hillbilly heaters, modern steam power, solar concentrators, and heat rejection for Power Cubes. Heaters for automotive cabs, geothermal heating and cooling, and other applications are included. Monotube, manifolds, black pipe, plastic are involved. Solar black plastic tubing is an easy application. Coolers with fins for hydraulics and other applications.
  • Electric Motor Construction Set. Relevant to motors, generators, electric cars
  • Common Tool Construction Set. 3D printed in plastic, rubber, and metal, metal composite, nuts and bolts structures for common tools, from vices to hammers and everything in between.
  • Grinder Construction Set. From light duty to heavy duty shredders for plastic recycling, metal recycling, wood pellets, rubber pellets, and more.
  • Solar Vehicle Construction Set. Combines Power Cubes, PV panels, batteries.
  • Battery Constructions Set. Includes lithiu, lead acid, and nickel iron batteries, and how to make banks of these from raw components.
  • Windmill Construction Set - Electric Motors, Power Electronics, structures are included.
  • Charcoal Construction Set - tool set for continuous production of pelletized charcoal consisting of pelletizer, partial burner for combined heat and power, and various burners for charcoal, from a gasifier for cars to an on-demand water heater.
  • Hydrogen Construction Set - from production to purification to storage of hydrogen, oxygen, and oxyhydrogen. Applications to torches, fuel compression.
  • Piston Construction Set - from water based 3D printed low pressure pistons, to heavy duty metal pistons, to engine pistons, and high pressure pumps and fuel pumps. Spanning gas, diesel, hydrogen, biogas, and steam. Applications to hydraulic valves, compressors, and vacuum pumps.
  • Solenoid Construction Set - applications from water, hydraulics, to automotive fuel injectors.
  • CNC Router Contruction Set - from CNC circuit mill to furniture routers, using Electric Motors, hydraulic motors, stepper motors
  • Stepper Motor Construction Set - using stepper motors of any size, and designing
  • Ultraprecision Construction Set - granite block and grinders for making air bearings and extremely precise parts as relevant to high pressure and high speed applications in semiconductors and the hydrogen economy
  • Rock Processing Construction Set - essential to mining and crushing rock for gravel, block, cement, and other applications where rocks are used. Includes infrastructuring for burning rocks to make cement using solar PV.
  • Solar Concentrator Construction Set - linear concentrator and variations for generating saturated water for combined heat and power applications and night time energy storage.
  • Engine Construction Set - pistons, valves, injections, cranks, and shafts focusing on electronic control with Arduino for modern power.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Construction Set - making human assisted aunotonomous vehicles for transport, harvesting, delivery, and other applications.
  • Composting Construction Set - generating compost for the soil food web from autonomous balers, wood chips, and other biomass.
  • Cellulose Construction Set - From lumber, strawboard, bioplastics, and paper derived from wood and other biomass, and all the growing, harvesting, and processing equipment
  • Consumer Microelectronics Construction Set - tablets and other electronics based on Raspberry Pi, 3D printed parts, and off-shelf electronic components, including use of KiCAD and the D3D CNC Circuit Mill
  • Electronics Construction Set - KiCAD, toolpath, FreeCAD, D3D CNC Circuit Mill, open source pick and place machine, library of common parts such as the Open Circuit Institute - and templates for uploading electronics designs to the Wiki.
  • Induction Furnace Construction Set - experiments from the simplest Royer to more advanced Arduino feedback systems up to 200 kW of power. Crucibles, cooling, and casting are included. Forms for casting. Zone refining and inert atmospheric Chambers for Silicon Solar Cell Production
  • Alloying Construction Set - induction and gas furnaces and related equipment for alloying, hardening, tempering, sintering, quenching, and other hot processing. Mixing of alloys, and production of stainless steel from ferrochrome.
  • Hydraulic Circuit Construction Set - building of 3D printed or metal or plastic-metal composites for household plumbing and industrial applications such as hydraulic valves. Includes microfluidics.
  • Forging Construction Set - laying down metal with welders, either freeform or into a form, and other impact/pressure forging application to conform metal into useful shapes.
  • Ultralight Structure Construction Set - aircraft and light vehicle frames and monocoques. Techniques for 3D printing of lattice for fiber-epoxy layup.
  • Metal Rolling Construction Set - rollers, cooling, for rolling up to 1"x8" hot rolled slabs.
  • Wire Drawing Construction Set - Tools for drawing wire from steel, aluminum, copper, and cladding with insulation
  • Roping Construction Set - making standed structures or rope from plastic, metal, and biofibers. Making fibers for clothing, conductors, wires.
  • Solar Vehicle Construction Set - Using PV, light frames, battery, generator, autonomous control, and human hybrid systems to make useful vehicles for transportation, delivery, and recreation.
  • Ceramics Construction Set - from extraction of clay to firing and 3D printing of clay-based structures. Ceramics are typically fired, so this Set includes electric and gas furnaces.
  • 3D Printer Construction Set - making 3D printers of any size and shape using the Universal Axis system. Includes making of plastic filament for 3D printing, and metal-laden plastic filaments for sintered full metal parts. Scaling of 3D printing extruders and heat bed construction from nichrome wire is included. Includes Heat Bed Construction Set, building of enclosures for high temperature printing. Printing with pastes, ceramics for firing, plastic, and metal.
  • Bearing Construction Set - from bushings to ball bearings and air bearings. Making machines to make balls for bearings, 3D printing bushings from gliding plastics, and making roller and ball bearing straight and tapered assemblies for low and high torque and speed.
  • Welder Construction Set - design of power supplies, wire feeders, wire heaters, and guns for TIG, MIG, and stick welding. Feedback control for amperage as needed. From solar and battery to switching power supplies.
  • Hydraulic Motor Construction Set -
  • Metal 3D Printing Construction Set - subset of 3D Printer Construction Set. Focuses on long-life enclosures where hot wire and tungsten arc welding additive manufacturing can take place.
  • Solar Cell Construction Set - consists of both Silicon Solar Cell Construction Set and Organic Solar Cell Construction Set. Making the PV materials using the Induction Furnace Construction Set.
  • PV Panel Construction Set - next step after making cells is to turn them into durable panels.
  • Plastic Extruder Construction Set - from 200W to 5kW systems, including build of heating elements from nichrome wire - electric Heater Element Construction Set.
  • Gasifier Construction Set - from simple cylindrical, 2-wall structures, to more advanced stoves and burners, rocket type stoves, masonry ovens, to catalytic assist, thermal mass, and other means of efficient burn near 100% heat exchange efficiency.
  • CNC Fire Construction Set - torching, welding, and additive manufacturing welding using oxyhydrogen, acetylene
  • Suspension Construction Set - shock absorption, rubber feet, tires for shock absorption, shocks, pistons, and how to hang wheels on vehicles to achieve a comfortable ride.
  • Steering Construction Set - turning mechanisms for vehicles, from articulation, pivot, steering wheel, and others.
  • Pipe Construction Set - how to make pipe and tube from metal. Seamless, seamed, and other.
  • Industrial Robot Construction Set -
  • Metal Bending Construction Set - working with sheet steel to make vessels and fluid containers.
  • Oven Construction Set - from bakery to annealing steel, sintering, clay firing, and others.
  • Press Construction Set - from press forge to ironworker to shop press to broaches and other high pressure devices.


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