OSE Declaration of Independence

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How to create Freedom:

  • A team is more than 1 person. Collaborate and interact.
  • Publish or perish. Log all that you do. Keep a paper trail so that progress moves forward. When you publish - ask yourself - is this important for completing the GVCS? Which machine and which development step is this contributing to?
  • No Hostages! Do not use proprietary software that only a few people have access to - as all your files will be hostage. If one cannot open your file, that file is hostage. More subtly - even if you can export CAD - information will be lost unless it's FreeCAD native format.
  • Print money. Create productive systems, so we transform the economy from proprietary to open source. A good example of printing money is using a 3D Printer, about a $20Trillion industry (1/3 of the economy). Metal and biomass are the other 2 main materials.