OSE Design Manual - 3D Printer Extruder Design

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Presenting first at the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp:


3D Printer Extruder Design – How to design an optimal extruder – the heart of a 3D printer. Optimized design for filament access and short filament path, and scalable heater blocks. Simple extruder. Non-threaded heat breaks and nozzles for advanced design. Why nobody does this. Material deposition rates. Applications – If we build a large printer, we may want to design our own extruder because the available ones are not big enough and they cost $100 for a 25 cent piece of aluminum. If we understand how to design an extruder, we can build one at low cost. We can also design different extruders for specific applications. For example, there is currently no commercially available 2.85 mm extruder for printing soft rubber.