OSE Developer's Crash Course

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In order to create a new world, we need to create a new paradigm of collaborative Extreme Development for accelerated, open source, swarm-based innovation.

A crash course outlining all the open tools used, and functionality learning goals for

  • Collaboration - community dev, technical review, crowd-sourcing all aspects
  • Design - for fabrication, lifetime, modularity, product ecology, autonomy
  • Fabrication - swarming, simple, easy
  • Communication - community outeach, marketing, information architecture
  • Documentation - Module-Based Design Development Boards
  • Enterprise - how to fund and replicate virally

The manual will start with a check list of learning objectives, such as: tools required for CAD of machines, with specific functionality that OSE uses. The Learning Objectives will focus on OSE's integrated approach of how collaboration, design, fabricaion, media, and documentation, and enterprise work together.

In essence, this will be OSE's Collaboration, Interoperability, Design, Fabrication, Media, Documentation, and Enterprise Crash Course

This crash course will be developed in May of 2014, and will serve as a handbook for all Developers.


  • Tool Name and basic description (software, hardware)
  • Map of Developers, Founders, user community
  • Standards - File format standards, other industry standards used, and interoperability
  • Industry standards - existing options for that tool, features
  • Critical Functionality
  • Functional ecology - how functions relate to all 6 pillars - collaboration, design, fab, communications, documentation, enterprise
  • Screenshots
  • 1 page crash course on real use, Ubuntu case
  • Hints and Tricks
  • Contacts of Lead Users, Developers
  • Community - governance, license, getting involved
  • Enterprise and Development - enterprise model for supporting the project and its development
  • Webinar Video, Webinar transcript link - 1 hour crash course on that particular tool
  • Workshop Announcement - crash course training for pay
  • Exercises and Exam - exercises for use of tool to prove basic functionility, and self-assigned badge based on a specific level of functionality- Basic, Ninja, and Developer. Basic is functional proficiency; Ninja is a magician and hacker of the tool; Developer is the highest level - a person who develops new features, fixes bugs, and adds functionality
  • For Developers - list of skills required to become a deep developer
  • From Zero to Makers - how to gain functional proficiency and look like a pro in 5 minutes.