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Welcome to Open Source Ecology - where we learn collaborative design to rebuild the world from scratch, with innovation beyond disciplinary thinking. Fueled by the power of open collaboration - to benefit everyone. Beyond politics and economics of scarcity, we give up the old with lifelong learning to create the new.

We invite everyone to pursue what is most interesting, to unjob and build a world where our future generations are proud of this generation - for setting this world back on a right track.

We could talk about problems but here we work on solutions. We study pressing world issues, so we can create the next paradigm with the art of the possible. We don't put bandaids on old problems - we start with fundamental solutions and a long term view of the world.

What You Can Do Today

First, you would have to take on a decision: to take the red pill or the blue pill. If you choose the red, you first have to learn everything about everything. We have a Crash Course on Everything - where you learn The Art of the Possible - based on thelaws of nature applied to human system. The study begins with how things work - technology, self, nature, society. It's a lifelong study - the highlight being the Interdisciplinary Escape Velocity - a point where you know how to understand anything new by combining what you already know. This means you know how to perceive, think, interpret, and apply knowledge to build things - whether it's building an enterprise, a machine, planting a garden of eden, or creating a new institution.

Study the Crash Course. Or join our immersion program - OSE University. It is a community for creating movement entrepreneurs who take on responsibilities as stewardship ds of earth. High school diploma or equivalent is required - and then we start your integration towards becoming an integrated Human. That is an individual who is purpose driven, and equipped with the skills and tools to rebuild the world. It starts with humility and character - to learn and persist on the mission. It means the hard skills of productivity and collaboration.

The integrated villages we build are structured as contact-based communities, with sustenance roles so everyone can lead a fulfilled life of purpose. Each person spends a small basic requirement to produce food, housing, energy, and tech - regenerating the environment on the site. Each site is autonomous - with renewable energy and food production, and industrial ecology as well. Each place is a Lifestyle Research Center - the focus of the lifestyle being purpose - of distributing good practice and shifting the economy to open and collaborative. Nothing is out of reach, as clean energy and hydrogen fuels the infrastructure so we can smelt, bake, react, and play.

We work on combining cutting edge research with ancient wisdom - true to autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

At the core, it's an education facility. We know that the school enterprise model works and produces some good.

We position Ourselves as Agents of Integration. Each community focuses on a specific realm of endeavor. At the very least, it takes on a mission of education, developing soid operational.models on this front. There are a few key enterprises - aquaponics, house construction, open source microfactory, and materials facility on the productive front. Each person is hired, and can rise in responsibility - based on clearly defined roles and pay structure. The pay is innovative - it involves an agreement on what responsibilities are, and transparency is built into the system. We hire for specific high performance unjobs as a way to assure performance and reward. These incentive structures are highly innovative. The core responsibility is optimized operation.

There are sustenance roles, R&D roles, enterprise, and teaching roles. And the infrastructure/incentives for each are based on dignified existence - and opportunity.

The focus of the facility is learning and service. Incentive is - do a minimum of basics - such as production once per week etc. So that $100/hr is made - $800 per day. The requirement would thus be to get to extreme productivity - so the work-study time goes down. Non-performance is sanctioned - so clear roles and responsibilities (production quotas) remain as a basis for regenerative resource use. 2, 4, and 6 years are a mark of graduations. With option to remain in the community or go elsewhere. Each community is a pair of sites, that synergize.

Enterprise Community Social Contract

  • Modeled as an enterprise. Addresses alignment problem.
  • Centered around graduating as an Integrated Human - one who takes on a pathway of Open Source Product Development
  • Accepts voluntary OSPD as a universal concept - by providing the skills to do so, voluntarily
  • Experiment determines whether proposed structure succeeds in Solving All Problems
  • Graduate at the PhD level once core, intrinsic motivations are achieved. Not because they are getting paid, but because they want to.
  • Key milestone is achieving Universal Problem-solving Ability and Character
    • Joy of significant issues, prioritized
    • Joy of enterprise dev
    • Joy of balls to have integrity and character - it's inspiring
    • Always learning
    • Always across disciplines - mind, body, spirit, tech, nature, society
    • The teaching thus expands one's possibilities of what is possible.
    • Clear metrics assessment for how you know how to think, be creative, meditate, sport, etc. Demonstrated growth.
  • Point - Becoming Interested in Everyone and Everything is a matter of 'degeneracy to infinite possibility' - we become al the same infinitely creative gods