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This is a list of reporters, authors, academics, organizations, and others who already featured OSE in their writing. Reporters and authors have large reach, while the latter - possible not so.

It is useful to contact the Earned Media contacts to do followup stories.

Earned Media Topics

  1. Launch Distributive Enterprise invite, crafting a story of the difficulty of transitioning from open software economy - to an open hardware economy. Refer back to the old story, provide an update, provide the future view after a decade - and provide an immediate campaign. Possible campaigns:
    1. Extreme enterprise - timely covid purifier and device disinfector. Or less timely electric motor or welder.
    2. Distributive Enterprise with 3D printer
    3. Filament making experiments - review of the status quo with deep insights on what is needed, based on the promise of distributed manufacturing, and limits to existing equipment. Timely: call to action is your next conference, where we build a 3d printer and filament maker to process all plastic waste generated in the event!
    4. High T Printer - Crowd Supply campaign
    5. COVID - the largest collab taking all to date, and creating a boatload of enterprise from it via an Extreme Enterprise event, adding compliance and certification as a core activity. See Extreme Enterprise Role Breakdown.