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  • Once per week invited posts on OSE tb - Sustainable Human, One Community, Vivihouse, OS Imaging.
  • OSE Clubs Update - and starting new clubs
  • Product Ecologies - ex. Did you know that you can print rubber tracks for the OSE tractor using a 3D printer?
  • Roadmaps - next on our Agenda is... To get involved, start an OSE Clb, join our Dev Team, and Join our Design Sprints. But if you want to do this for a living - join our Immersion Program to go today not the deep end. Thanks for you do not have time but could support us from nancialy, subscribe as a True Fan.
  • OS Microfactory products - monthly and quarterly releases
  • Workshops around the world - update for nee workshops held
  • Favorite allied efforts and new collaborations - sx David Like
  • China Corner - open source civilization.
  • ecture tour - universities. Chile with TED Fellow
  • Immersion Program
  • Community Update - from Jonathan
  • FreeCAD corner
  • Collaborative Literacy corner
  • Enterprise Development
  • Podcast. Exploring Open Source Economic Development
  • Evolve to freedom + Integrated Humnans