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Foundation for Regeneration & Open Source Ecology Partnership.

Regeneration. University - curriculum, user experience, branding/marketing

Grant engine Kansas City implementation

Email thread: -Find the local site for 2021 city build -Underwriting for construction projects -GI Bill/ Accreditation -Advance SBIR/STTR and other grant apps -Le Farge is an opportunity for all of us with an investor coming to town this Saturday/Sunday. I would like you to come to one of the meetings.

Old Regeneration University Summer Fellowship Notes:

Summer Fellowship. Beginning 2021, we will offer a 10 Week Residential Summer Fellowship for national/global participants. 10 Week Residential in person curriculum on the leading regenerative technologies in the world across scales (dwelling, neighborhood, city, bioregional scales). Price point is ~15k with room for scholarshipping in diversity. Verticals covered: 4 Tracks: Venture, Community, Consulting/Design, & Research. Food & Rural/Urban Agriculture Circular Economy (Energy, Water, & Waste) Carbon & Material Solutions Health & Wellbeing Data & Media Legal, Risk, & Finance

Capabilities Built: Foundational Capacity from World Renowned Subject Matter Experts Applied Case Consulting Experience Opportunity to Join/Start Gamechanging Regenerative Business Self, Group, and Systems Actualization Coaching Mentor Office Hours Access Deal Network / Investor Pitch Day

REGEN Certificate. We will offer new/existing UMKC students a certificate within the UMKC system where they take REGEN faculty let coursework (4 courses) and interface with Demonstration Projects, Research Groups, and Community Groups..