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Executive Summary

As OSE develops its full range of agricultural machinery, Open Source Nursery, integrated agriculture operations, and food production capacity by 2028 - we intend to start 1000s of farms and Miracle Orchards in the USA and tens of thousands around the world. Currently there are 2 million farmers feeding the USA. 87% of all USA product is cattle, corn, and soybeans. OSE calls for diversification to small (200 acre or less) organic farms which produce a wide range of foodstuffs for people, while serving an education and nature preservation mission. This is part of the evolution of society towards resilient communities with circular economies. This is the agriculture part of Fab City - where cities produce everything they consume.


Each OSE Campus is intended to have agricultural operations built in. Thus, the OSE agriculture program can be rolled out within the context of setting up Chapters of OSE worldwide - as points of light for their surrounding communities.