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The OSE financial model involves running immersion build and training workshops for bootstrap funding. Because the model combines education and production - which are both large market segments at $4 [1] and $12 trillion [2] respectively - the OSE model is potentially scalable. OSE's goal is to facilitate these entire markets to non-proprietary development, further expanding the global commons to widespread access. It is OSE's belief that such access is necessary for freedom and wise progress in civilization.

OSE Case

2018 marks OSE's first ever immersion training program, aimed at expanding the well-proven, lean OSE Bootstrap Funding Model. Model proof of concept has been achieved via OSE's collaborative production training events (workshops) since 2012. The goal of the immersion program is to train 4 candidates to work with OSE full time - as OSE Fellows.

Ethical Entrepreneurial Mindset

It is important for OSE to cultivate an ethical and entrepreneurial mindset, which is consistent with lifetime growth and a drive for excellence. This is consistent with the larger story of ongoing human evolution - summarized in that the only constant is change. OSE's specific goal is to cultivate Integrated Humans who are both systems thinkers and practitioners - and thus more capable of understanding and stewarding the world around them.

Livelihood is a key expression of one's semi-autonomy. Livelihood is what we do most of our days - and having a well-balanced life requires right livelihood. For example, we cannot honestly express a desire for peace when we work in a military economy. Thus, the responsibility is in each of us to do honest work, that gives us life rather than the opposite.

Nature of the OSE Working Environment

It is important for OSE to structure its livelihood opportunity in a way that incentivizes good work. While we believe in intrinsic motivation according to Self-Determination Theory, we also understand the information theory perspective that people are algorithms - a topic that is detailed in the recent book, Homo Deus. The point is that in addition to self-determination, proper incentive structures - or structural elements in the living/working environment - are key to eliciting desirable behavior.

Our goal is to incentivize team play and responsibility at the same time. We must assure that our people are happy and their livelihood needs are met - while they pursue goals larger than themselves. We pride ourselves on the aim of creating right livelihood. This means that we take care of our people and our people take care of us. We want to create a desirable livelihood option based on objective criteria, transparency, and generosity - a synergistic environment that provides for effective conflict resolution. We believe in equal opportunity - not that people are equal. Different people have goals of different scopes, directions, and time scales. OSE selects for integral thinkers, aiming at a Distributive Economy, with a long term vision.