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General Requirements


  • Managed, embeddable, upvotable. Self-management relies on firm but evolvable structure and clear rules of engagement, including awareness of Logical Fallacies. TED Talk + Book is background reading. Link to Book. Free eBook, paid Coffee Table Book.


  • Forum Admin sets up the Forum
  • Forums are embeddable via embed code by thread to meet development needs on specific wiki pages. Can be injected into social media.
  • Discussions are upvotable.
  • Threads can be closed based on Thread Closure Criteria. These are based on length, relevance, etc.
  • Clean front page.
  • Bug Tracker is linked clearly to Forums.


  • General Discussion
  • Humor
  • Workshops - XM, XL
  • Tech Dev - for each project, in 6 sectors, active projects. Follows and is reorganized by Critical Path, Current Status.