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Sun Nov 8, 2015

HabLab modem / router was reset and could no longer connect to Internet. DSL was active, but no Internet. Used mobile phone to chat with CenturyLink, who reset the PPPOE credentials as follows:

  • Username: CTL102153771
  • Password: mit96QW1

After this new info entered, the Internet light on the router went green, but when trying to access the Internet, all browsers were re-directed to a CenturyLink page, asking for the following:

  • Account number: 403580129
  • Zip: 64469
  • Associated phone number: 816-449-1224

Finally, Internet service was restored.

Thu Aug 28, 2014

HabLab router had been down for about 1 week. It had green lights for "power" and "dsl", but a steady red light for "Internet". Not broadcasting an SSID. Called CenturyLink at 800.809.1410. Tech help walked me through the reset process:

  • unplug router for 30 sec and plug back in (soft reset).
  • If that doesn't help (it didn't), then with power plugged in, press the red reset button (with a pen or paperclip) and hold it for 45 sec (factory reset). It then reverts to factory settings (e.g SSID: CenturyLink7668 and default password). All the factory settings info is on the boilerplate on the bottom of the router.
  • Then you can log in to the router (ideally via hard wired ethernet connection) and change SSID to "HabLab" and security to "none".

Thu Feb 13, 2014

Call to Century Link on January 8, 2014 at 877.744.4416. Spoke with Leslie. Discussed various options and decided to go on "inactive" status at $51/month plus tax. Allowed to remain on that status for 9 months. -- To reactivate it would take about 3 days. Call 866-614-5166 to reactivate, cancel, or change service. Service changed to a $116 plan per month with a $10 discount for 10 months, so about $106 for the next 12 months. The internet only line needs to be renegotiated in 1 year of time to retain $35/month fee. Need to consider satellite line for more internet.


As of February, 2014:

  • Voice - 8164491224

Information and Action on Sep 23, 2013

  • Phone and Internet down, CenturyLink sending technician by 11AM CST Sep 24 (Tuesday)
    • Road construction on SW Willow is possibly the cause

Information and Action on Sep 16, 2013

  • Called support: 1-800-786-6272 and spoke to Reggie; determined the OSEtwo DSL line is 8164492307; this line is not appearing remotely so they require someone to hard-wire in to the modem. to change the password. Since there is no phone down there...I would have to run back and forth to get troubleshooting step instructions. This is not a viable option. 1) We need a phone down there. 2) We should migrate the line from the mosquito hut to the workshop so the workshop has connectivity throughout and install a phone on the line.

Over to Katie.

Information and Action on Sep 13, 2013

  • Internet lines changed to OSEone and OSEtwo - No reason for change other than called Centurylink to troubleshoot connectiviey problems and the representative made the changes without prompting.
    • Password for both lines is maysville2013
  • Still have the HabLab line, which the representative said he changed to OSEone

Information and Action on Aug 22, 2013

  • CenturyLink tech installed new wireless modem

Information and Action on Aug 21, 2013

  • Spoke with CenturyLink support:
    • Learned that one of OSE internet lines has been on vacation since Feb 2013. This was not communicated during previous calls to CenturyLink on July 12, 2013. To compensate, CenturyLink is providing internet service for 1 year at a discount rate. The rate expires and increases on August 22, 2014; order number associated: 1182581932
  • During technical assistance call:
    • Troubleshoot DSL/phone line filter. Filter is not the problem.
    • CenturyLink verified the problem is not a programing issue.
    • Intermittent sync - speed issue on customer end, so tech will verify surfing speed with customer on location - no later than 340PM CST, ticket number 6152743